Centred Birth Hypnobirthing Classes for a Calm Birth

Preparing for birth is a personal thing – we all have ideas about how we want to feel and be supported during birthing. Centred Birth (copyright Alys Einion-Waller 2020) classes have been running online since March 2020, and have offered over 150 parents the chance to learn more about the physiology of birthing, and how to make informed decisions during birth.

Our classes offer techniques in relaxation, hypnosis, and birth preparation. We share breathing techniques, and discuss massage, touch, music, and how to adapt to different situations during birth.

Feedback on our classes is overwhelmingly positive. Our clients find the classes informative, and value the facilitation offered by our midwives and volunteers. They find the techniques help keep them calm and focused, and help them to feel more confident in their bodies’ innate ability to bear and birth a baby. And they help them to plan and to make important decisions, sometimes about things they hadn’t considered before.

Our classes run over three weeks, two hours each, and build on the techniques of relaxation and self-hypnosis that enable you to feel confident and calm as you move towards birth.

Contact us via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CentredBirth

Our next classes will be January 2021.

with very best wishes

The Centred Birth Team

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