And the Countdown Begins

It’s five weeks until publication, and life is getting very busy. I wonder how any other writer copes with this process whilst trying to maintain normal life, go to work each day, and continue writing their next magnus opus! All I know right now is that whilst writing may not be a full time paying job for me, it needs full time hours and full time commitment, not to mention full time energy. Caught up in the enthusiasm that comes with the impending launch of my novel I have so far agreed to running a workshop at L Fest in July, giving a reading/talk at Penfro festival in September, and I’m setting up launch events locally, at the University campus in Swansea, and in my home town at the library in Aberdare.

Other authors published by my publisher, Honno, are also sharing tips on how to make the most of e-publishing and social networks to promote our books and it is becoming more and more apparent that this side of being an author is crucial to the success of a book. I find myself faced with a huge step forward now as I transition into the status of published novelist. As brief as this post is I have to write it as I teeter on the brink of realising my longest-held dream.

About alyseinion

Novelist and Writer, midwife, Associate Professor, mother, vegan, pagan.... the list goes on.
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